Google Analytics Audit and Measurement Plan

Newsflare are a global marketplace for professional and amateur videographers to submit user generated video footage. Newsflare license this footage to over 300 direct clients (Trinity Mirror, The Sun, The Associated Press, Daily Mail as well as revenue share partners including AOL, Huffington Post, MSN, Yahoo and Telegraph).

The Mission

To improve the Google Analytics tracking of the Newsflare website and mobile apps in order to enable the Newsflare business to measure key customer behavior in particularly “Uploader” customers and optimize conversion.


A detailed review of their account set up with a detailed focus on the Admin area of their account>property and views. With a key consideration to their questions on the data quality, marketing questions they wanted to find answers for and insights to drive growth for the key business objectives, a measurement plan was written and presented that included recommendations for filters, views, advanced segments, event tracking, custom dimensions, data import, attribution modeling and user ID features.

I commissioned Jill to review our Google Analytics for a typical case of the you don’t know what you don’t know.

Her ideas and solutions were expressed clearly and with precision, Jill provided the right amount of detail making them easy to understand with a concise plan for implementation.

Not only did Jill’s expertise in Google Analytics impress us but also her intelligence and understanding and a grasp on our business requirements.

Sian Melonie, Senior Marketing Manager

Project Included

  • Google Analytics Account Audit
  • Written Measurement Plan
  • Presentation to key staff at Newsflare