Jill Quick, Data Driven Digital Marketing Consultant

Jill Quick

Hi there, my name is Jill Quick and I am a Digital Marketing Consultant and Trainer working in Digital Marketing since 2003.

Why do I love the data approach?

Turning the data into actionable metrics , giving you insights to your strategy, prevents you from being just another person with an opinion – giving you the confidence to create digital marketing strategies that work towards increasing sales and ROI.

I empower both start-ups and established businesses with the map to help them succeed in navigating the digital landscape. I help you to develop an actionable digital marketing strategy based on your own unique business needs and show you how to create campaigns founded on analytics by allowing you to pinpoint exactly what moves the needle in your campaigns.

I am here to take the fear out of data and teach marketers how to develop marketing analytics to measure the impact and ROI of your digital marketing programmes and provide insights and growth opportunities – without the need for long winded reports or visiting the boss’ office, tail between legs.

I am an extension of your marketing team – a plug in, if you like – showing you how to become an analytic, data focused, marketer leaving you with the understanding to create practical templates to use on future campaigns.

Areas of Expertise

  • Google Analytics
  • Digital Metrics
  • Content Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media
  • PPC
  • Search Engine Optimization

Actionable Digital Marketing Strategy

I often start by working on project basis, carrying out marketing audits before developing a detailed marketing strategy. I work in the way that works best for you – leaving you with the tools and skills to manage your own future strategies or working on a retainer basis as an external “plug-in” for your marketing team – there to focus on the problem and set up activities to make the project happen. By developing the strategy and actively working on campaigns whilst acting as a mentor and trainer to the marketing team, I leave behind the skills needed to execute and deliver successful digital marketing   .

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