How to Work With Micro-Influencers: Brand Guide

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Influencer marketing is nothing new. In fact, it has been used in advertising buy Keppra online cheap, when brands such as Wedgewood used royal endorsements to increase sales. In a nutshell, it means leveraging someone else’s audience for your brand or business.

 Since the advent of blogging and social media around 10 years ago, micro-influencers have frequently been employed as brand and product advocates in the hope of increased sales. Blogs and social networks alike are hired as platforms for brands and their buy Keppra from canada — often in the form of advertorials or sponsored posts (you may recognise the ubiquitous #ad from your social feeds).

 This guide will tell you everything you need to know about how to introduce micro-influencers nto your marketing mix.

Choose your influencers wisely

Be sure that you know the answers to these questions before making a start on your micro-influencer marketing campaign:

  • Where does your target audience spend their time online? Your audience research should reveal lots of information about your potential customers. From purchasing habits to which social networks they frequent, this information is gold dust. Use it to inform your marketing decisions and help you decide which platforms are going to work best
  • Is your product suitable for micro-influencers? Influencer marketing is a great tactic, but if your product does not lend itself well to a digital audience, then it will not provide you with a good ROI. Some product offerings are better suited to more traditional marketing techniques, so don’t shoehorn your products into a model that won’t work for your business
  • What is your budget? Finances are another thing that could affect your campaign. Some influencers, particularly those with celebrity status, are very expensive and may be out of budget

Another consideration is the level of coverage you want for your marketing campaign. Micro-influencers are often used for their extremely localised reach, allowing you to choose almost anywhere in the country to focus on. This is perfect for local businesses such as law firms, and can be a fantastic way to lower your CPI and maximise the returns from your marketing expenditure. However, if you seek outreach on a broader scale, consider using a micro-influencer with a national or international following.

When choosing influencers, strike a balance between those who have experience advocating brands, and those who do it all the time. This way, you can ensure that your chosen micro-influencer already understands the process, without being too spammy and advertorial.

How to compensate micro-influencers

How to compensate micro-influencers

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If you have done your research and negotiated a fair rate with your selected micro-influencers, then their fees should not come as a surprise. Payment is usually dealt with after the content has gone live, and it is advisable to use a payment provider with an invoice functionality like PayPal to protect yourself.

Alternatively, you could offer a sample of your product in exchange for reviews or a promotional post. This may be a little more difficult to negotiate, and is completely at the blogger’s discretion – it may be more successful if you can offer them something particularly relevant to their tastes or niche.

Sometimes a like for like transaction of content or exposure is feasible, but this only works with product and service advocates, or with brands who have a very strong online following.

Amplify your reach

Amplify your reach

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Influencer marketing certainly amplifies your content strategy. But to ensure the content gets seen and shared, it’s it’s important that you publicise it too. There are a number of ways to do this:

  1. The simplest thing to do is to retweet and share the content on your brand’s social feeds. This way, the content will reach your existing audience, as well as theirs. Chances are that your micro-influencer would appreciate the additional traffic, video views or likes on their social media. They can gain from this arrangement as well, particularly if they have on-site ads

Amplify your reach

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  1. If your brand is an online store, you’ll find that most buy generic Keppra allow you to integrate your storefront with a social media feed. For example, where to buy Keppra 500 mg places an Instagram feed anywhere of your choosing. This way, you can showcase instagram posts from your micro-influencers directly on your site


  1. If you have targeted a YouTube vlogger, embedding the video on your site and sharing it on social media can be a fantastic way to boost engagement levels. Take a look at these guides to find out how to embed videos on your Keppra no prescription or order Keppra canada store


Depending on your product offering and niche, micro-influencers can be a powerful way to target a specific audience, even on a very local scale. Are you ready to start getting in touch with micro-influencers? What social networks or types of content will you be targeting? Let us know in the comments.

Gareth Simpson – SEO & Startup Founder

Gareth Simpson

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